Ellis Guitars Australia is home to sweet sounding instruments created using a blend of traditional old-fashioned handcraft with the latest technology.
Ellis Guitars is proud to be Australian owned and operates from Western Australia.

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Ellis Guitars Australia

For over 10 years Ellis Guitars has been hand crafting acoustic guitars and stompboxes.Located in Perth Western Australia, Ellis Guitars has gained recongnition with both local and international musicians.

Our guitars are crafted using a combination of international timbers renowned for acoustic and sound-producing qualities, temperature and humidity controlled environments, attention to colour matching and design. Our patient awareness of the delicate processes of manufacture including wood tuning, thicknesses, bracing and finishing techniques guarantee beauty and quality.

You can choose from one of Ellis Guitars’ standard models – triple O, OM or Dreadnought or have one customs made.

The Ellis Guitars Acoustic Stompbox is the original wooden stompbox hand crafted by Ellis Guitars from the best Australian and international timbers.

You can choose the original or mini size and both sizes come in a variety of timbers.

“Guitars, Stompboxes and finely honed sense of the individual are what Andrew Ellis peddles. So why buy an Ellis Guitar? I think Nathan Gaunt sums it up best. ‘He’s very open to people’s ideas of what they want in a guitar, and he’s very clever in the way he adjusts the guitar to achieve the sounds that people are after. I think that’s what makes his work so desirable – he customises his work a little bit for everybody, and you get something that’s truely yours.’ ”

Carlisle Rogers Australian Guitar Vol 55

Ellis Guitars is proud to present the latest guitar from the workshop