Andrew Ellis is head luthier at Ellis Guitars.

Andrew makes and plays his own instruments.

Andrew Ellis’ love for music started at an early age playing trumpet in his school band in Sydney. This band was very successful and won the NSW Band Championships in 1988 and 1989. The band’s performances included playing at the Sydney Opera House on more than one occasion. After the school band period, Andrew’s musical interests were varied. Steve Vai’s CD “Passion and Warfare” set his musical focus frimly on the guitar. Interest in playing soon expanded to how the instrument was made. Then the idea of building a guitar at home led to years of learning about wood and the craft of luthiery.

Now based in Perth, Western Australia, Andrew has developed his skills through research and experimentation and creates guitars with a distinctive sound.

Andrew created a 7 string resonator guitar now the property of Jeff Martin of The Tea Party.

Using the experience of building this instrument Andrew teamed up with James Michael Thompson to design and build what is truly a unique instrument and a world first – a Baritone Tricone Resonator guitar with eight strings, designed for bottleneck and finger-style playing.

Andrew plays his 6 string and 12 string at many venues around Perth. He has also travelled and played around Australia. His performances are a mixture of originals and instrumental covers. He also uses an Ellis stompbox in his performances.

    Watch Andrew perform one of his own compositions “Indian Summer”.

Andrew has recorded some of his original compositions as well as covers to showcase a variety of his guitar models, including an 8 string baritone tricone resonator, weissenborn guitar and 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars.
You can sample some of these sweet sounds on iTunes.

Andrew Ellis – Harmonic EP                    Andrew Ellis – Joe EP

Andrew Ellis Harmonic CD CoverAndrew Ellis Joe CD Cover