What is a stompbox?

The ellis Stompbox is the original hand crafted amplified solid timber box which you tap with your foot to provide a rhythm to accompany your stringed instrument playing both in the Studio and in a live situation. Our stompboxes have also been used by drummers and percussionists, pianists and many more unusual instrumentalists around the world. It has been used in schools as a fun and interactive instrument for children learning to ‘keep the beat’.

Stompbox Demos

Arun (Australia)

Jamie Cullum (UK)

Kaki King (USA)

 Bjorn Berge (Norway)

Stompbox Models

ellis guitars Stompbox Models


Original Stompbox

around 200 grams weight
CD case size and 2.5cm high (varies due to it being hand-crafted, not factory made)
wide range of SOLID figured Australian native and international timbers

Mini Stompbox

around 150 grams weight
pocket sized – 10 cm x 10 cm and 2.5cm high (varies due to it being hand-crafted, not factory made)
Wide range of solid figured Australian native and international timbers

Custom Stompbox

available in both original and mini size
wide range of solid highly figured and rare Australian native and international timbers such as Flamed Maple, Tiger Myrtle, Beefwood, Blackwood, African Zebrawood, Tasmanian Sassafras, Cocobolo Rosewood, African Padauk, Australian Blue Gum, French Walnut, Curly Marri, Curly Jarrah

All models come with:

custom internal pickup with endjack installed
Non slip base
12 month warranty.

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Stompbox set up

The ellis Stompbox is simple, and is therefore flexible in it’s setup options.

The simplest set up is to run it straight into an amplifier, and generally the bigger the amp, the bigger the “boom”.

Run the ellis Stompbox through an EQ or PA and turn down the trebles and mids to produce a deeper sound.

The ellis Stompbox comes with a standard jack for just about any setup.

ellis Stompdoxes are built to last, when used properly.
They are not designed to be stomped on, particularly directly onto the timber top.
You only need to tap the corners or sides to achieve a great result.

Using solid Australian timbers and exotic guitar woods, the Stomp Boxes are hand made the old way – to last!