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Let’s just get one thing out of the way right now – like so many others before me, I loved the Ellis Stompboxes almost immediately. I pride myself on having excellent time, and have often used a tambourine on the floor in a similar fashion to the Stompbox for acoustic gigs, so the idea appealed straight away. However, nothing is quite like the experience of hearing your beat come back to you as a bass thump that sounds impossibly large (and much more appropriate for the downbeat than a tambourine). I look forward to using the Ellis Stompbox a great deal more. While it’s primary role is obviously for solo performers playing live, I can imagine the sounds being useful in small ensembles, as well as in recording applications. While nothing can replace a kit drummer for complexity and the ability to describe numerous features of a rhythm concurrently, a lot of music requires so much less than that. With roots music being as popular as it is at the moment, you can expect to hear a lot more of the Ellis Stompbox in the future.”   Craig White – Australian Guitar – Jan,Feb – 2007

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Australian Guitar HotGear Stompbox Review

“A small wooden structure with a pick up inside, so guitarists can tap their feet to produce a booming percussion sound – like amplifying the sound of your foot tapping on a wooden stage. Built by West Australian luthier Andrew Ellis, these boxes look fantastic and are all handmade to last. Different sounds can be produced depending on what part of the box you tap, and different-soled shoes will affect tonal output too, making the Ellis Stompbox a very cool little rhythm companion”. “Hot Gear”, page 16-17, Australian Guitar, Dec 05